2015 4th Quarter Report

Message From the President

Hy-Grade President Victor TeumerAlthough the recent oil and gas climate has been less than favorable, here at Hy-Grade we will continue to ensure that our clients stay operational and profitable. For years our valves have remained the pinnacle of reliability. Many of our valves have been in operation since the founding of our company and have maintained their performance for over 30 years and counting. Our designs have been proven to reduce down time while allowing greater flow rates which has always been invaluable to our customers. No matter the economy, no matter the industry, no matter the challenge, Hy-Grade will continue to provide check valves that you can rely on.

Victor Teumer
Hy-Grade Valve, Inc.

Valve of the Quarter

Valve of the Quarter 2015 Q2This is quarter Hy-Grade is proud to highlight a production run of specialty AT06-03G-12AF-SP valves. Hy-Grade custom made 150 valves with custom bore sizes for the coal-gas industry. We were able to resize our standard bore diamater while maintaining our strict performance standards. Here at Hy-Grade we are up to any challenge and ready to deliver you custom demands with the same performance that is expected of a Hy-Grade valve.

In House Testing

Tim Green operates or new Ventil Cryogenic Testing Unit on a 3” T series valve Earlier this quarter, Hy-Grade Valve took delivery of our recently purchased Cryogenic Testing Unit produced by Ventil. The unit uses liquid nitrogen to cool valves to temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celcius. Then, gasious helium is pumped through the valves and a specialized “sniffer” is used to test for leakage in parts per million (PPM). The machine sits alongside our standard hydrostatic tester and allows for increased in house testing to insure adherence to our strict quality standards even in the harshest of environments. Pictured left, Tim Green operates the cryogenic testing unit on a 3” T series valve; however, the machine is capable of testing valves as large as 48” to ensure that even our largest valves can withstand the harshest of conditions.

Liquid Nitrogen effects
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